Bob Newell, 2002-03

Staff, facilities

Judy Edwards was the Executive Director, and we had four full-time and one part-time staff.

Board members

Board members included Robert Neuberger, Julie Vacura, Sylvia Stevens, Jeff Matthews, Kelly Hagan, Tom Christ, Lori Deveny, Hollis McMilan, Cathy Keenan, Sim Rapoport, Helen Smith, Kathryn Villa-Smith and Mike Greene.

Historical events

Two initiatives for change the way we elect judges - one would have allowed voters to select "none of the above" and one picked appellate judges by district. The MBA led a coalition that defeated both.

New activities

Some would say that the initiative battle was a "new" political activity; I don't think so.

Community service

We participated in Law Day events and worked with the judges in Multnomah County to form a speakers bureau to help address citizen groups about the judiciary.

Proudest presidential moment

Defeat of the judicial initiatives