Garr M. King, 1975-76

Staff, facilities

When I was on the board and was president of the MBA, we had no staff and we did not have an office.

Board members

I followed Jack Faust as president. Other board members included Martin Howard and Thomas H. Tongue III. There were no women or minorities on the board.

Events of interest

During my term, the primary activity of the MBA was a monthly luncheon, held at the Congress Hotel, with speakers of interest. For example, Wayne Morse was a speaker in a year in which he was running for reelection. There were only a few other activities. The Multnomah Lawyer was being published by a volunteer during my term. We worked hard to enroll all Multnomah County lawyers as members of the MBA. At that time, the nominal dues were $10 per year.

Most difficult challenge

I followed Jack Faust as president, and as everyone knows, Jack is a very entertaining fellow. That was my most difficult challenge, following Jack Faust.

MBA then versus now

During my term we had a large membership, but there were very few activities. Things have changed tremendously. The MBA, in my view, has taken the place of the Oregon State Bar as far as being the social and professional hub for Portland area lawyers.