Herbert Anderson, 1955-56

Newsletter, radio program and original Foundation

Anderson organized the Multnomah Lawyer (the first issues the MBA has on file are from 1955). He also started the radio program and was very active with the original Foundation.

Multnomah Law Library

A committee was appointed by MBA to investigate the library and the board passed a resolution to gain control of the library. Eventually, the library was made a nonprofit association and all Multnomah County lawyers were considered members.

Judicial appointments

During Anderson's presidency, the governor was a lawyer. When vacancies came up, he asked that a committee advise him and the MBA formed a judicial selection committee. The committee met; the bar was smaller then and all knew the various people who were candidates. Everyone in the committee had professional contact with the candidates and knew quite a bit about them. They were able to talk with the governor about the various experiences with the prospects. There was no partisanship in it. The governor always selected someone who was one of the top recommendations.