Jack Faust, 1974-75

Staff, facilities

We had no staff.

Board members

The only ones I remember for sure were Mike King, who followed me as president, and Jim Spiekerman, who preceded me as president. There were no women or minorities on the board.

Historical events

When I was second in line for the presidency, we had the usual "rubber stamp" annual meeting to elect the administrative officers. We were surprised when a populist revolt took place, and nominations were made from the floor. I was the only one of the officers not voted out. So, I went on to become president.

In the wider world, Richard Nixon resigned as president.

Events of interest

I am not sure that we started continuing legal education then, but if we didn't, we were certainly one of the first administrations to put on a CLE program.

Memorable characters

Frank Day: I appointed him chairman of a CLE program and asked him who he would like as committee members. He said, "I don't want any committee. I want to get it done." He got it done.

MBA then versus now

There is no relationship between then and now. We were a "Mom and Pop" organization. Nobody expected anything of us but the dinner meetings and some occasional committee work. With few exceptions, the serious work of the bar was done by the Oregon State Bar.