Lynn Nagasako, 1995-96

Staff, facilities

When I first came on the board. the MBA was housed at 711 SW Alder, Ste 311. Then sometime during the last quarter of 1993 or the first quarter of 1994, the MBA moved its office to 630 SW 5th, Ste 200.

Staff: Mona Buckley, Executive Director; Beverly Michaelis, Placement Director and Associate Executive Director (she left to go to the Professional Liability Fund), and Deanna Shields, Member Services Manager (she left after having a baby).

Board members

Ed Harnden, President-Elect; Albert Menashe, Treasurer; Riga Foley, Secretary; Jane Angus; Duane Bosworth; Helen Dziuba; John Geil; Ward Greene; Jean Maurer; Eve Miller; Peter Richter' John Holmes, Immediate Past President; Catherine Shaw, YLS President.

Historical events

In the winter of 1995, Oregon experienced severe flooding. YLS volunteers worked with FEMA to provide legal assistance after the disaster.

During my tenure, the Oregon State Bar established the House of Delegates and had its first election. As I recall, Roosevelt Robinson was the largest vote getter, followed by Marc Blackman. Marc's platform was "To make the OSB more like the MBA."

Community service

The MBA, through the Volunteer :Lawyers Project (VLP), which it supported financially and through volunteer time, provided legal assistance to Oregonians who might otherwise not be able to afford a lawyer. The MBA also gave financial assistance to the CourtCare project, which was in the formative stages during my tenure. The YLS participated in various pro bono projects.

Principal challenge

The MBA Board decided that the VLP was not as effective or as efficient as it should be and created the Marmaduke Task Force to study the situation and come up with a recommendation. This resulted in VLP merging with Multnomah County Legal Aid.

New activities

The MBA held its 90th anniversary party. I think the driving force behind this party was Mona, who felt that she would not be around for the 100th anniversary and wanted a celebration anyway.

Proudest moment

I was relieved with the VLP merged into Legal Aid, and I was very happy that the 90th anniversary party brought out senior lawyers whom we had not seen for a while at MBA functions. We had a special bar for those senior attorneys which I think was a big hit. (Wally Sweek was the chair of the membership committee that year and deserves a lot of credit for the success of that party and the great turnout by senior lawyers. The committee was responsible for planning the party.)

Then versus now

In 1996, I took a job with the Department of Justice in Salem and so have become a little separated from MBA activities, but since I have been involved with the 100th anniversary committee, I have become reacquainted with the organization. The MBA is still able to instill a warm feeling in me. My only regret is that some of the members who were very active when I was on the board are no longer as involved with the MBA. That is probably the natural evolution of the organization. This is just a rambling way of saying that at its heart, I think the MBA is the same, but it is becoming a bigger and more sophisticated organization than when I was on the board.