Marvin Nepom, 1981-82

Staff, facilities

The MBA had no staff or facilities during the time I was on the board. The Multnomah County Law Library phone number was our unofficial phone number and office. Jacque Jurkins, the law librarian, responded pro bono to incoming telephone calls. Jacque's loyalty and assistance to the MBA were greatly appreciated.

Board members

When I was first elected to the board, Martin Howard was president, John Haugh was president-elect, and Don Marmaduke and Bob Bennett were other officers. During my entire time on the board, there were no women or minority directors.

Historical events

Historical events that come to mind that occurred during the time period I was on the board included the Iraq-Iran war, Ronald Reagan's election as president, the freeing of the Iran hostages and the conflict between Israel and the PLO faction in Lebanon.

MBA events

My term as president was before mandatory CLE. The MBA had monthly membership lunch meetings at that time with various speakers. The membership turnout at the monthly lunch meetings varied greatly depending on who was the speaker, with the (Multnomah County) presiding judge drawing the largest attendance. The prospect of employing a part-time administrative assistant was discussed; however, no steps were taken in that regard during my tenure.

Memorable characters

John Haugh, who preceded Don Marmaduke as president, held several annual crawfish dinners at his home that were great events.

MBA then versus now

As different as day is from night. At that time, we had no staff or office. Our director meetings were held over breakfast at the Standard Plaza cafeteria. The annual dues were nominal. The principal function served by the MBA now versus then, in my opinion, is the excellent MBA-sponsored CLE program. Today's MBA is a world apart from the MBA during my tenure.