2010 Civic Education Event Photos

From left: MBF Secretary/Treasurer Loree Devery, Tonkon Torp; Sheila Potter, Oregon Department of Justice; Toby Graff, Attorney at Law; former MBF Director Katherine O'Neil; MBF Past President Hon Adrienne Nelson, Multnomah County Circuit Court; and MBF President Tom Sand, Miller Nash
Valerie Colas, Oregon Law Center and Ted Broberg, Stoel Rives representing YLS YOUthFILM Project

Marilyn Cover, Classroom Law Project and Barbara Fredericks, League of Women Voters of Portland
Kate Reynolds, John Lugton and Emily Vidal, MetroEast Community Media

Brenda Morgan and Vicki Hersen, Elders in Action with volunteer Collin McKean, Attorney at Law
MBF Development Chair Ed Harnden, Barran Liebman and Wayne Landsverk, Miller Nash