Thank you for your interest in lending your support to the Multnomah Bar Foundation. The links below will take you to the CourtCare and Civic Education Fund donation pages.

Donate to CourtCare to provide free childcare in the downtown and East County courthouses.

Donate to the Civic Education Fund to promote understanding of the importance of voting, jury duty and the political process. 

Why do you give to the MBF Civic Education Fund?

"I give to help increase public understanding of our justice system and to improve the quality of our juries."

- Tom Sand, Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP

"I give because it makes me feel good."

- Jeff Batchelor Mediation + Arbitration

"I give because this is my community."

- Dana Sullivan, Buchanan Angeli Altschul & Sullivan LLP

"I give to empower organizations in their efforts to create positive change."

- Mitra Shahri, Mitra Law Group

"I give to encourage public service within our profession."

- Ed Harnden, Barran Liebman LLP (above right)

"I give because I believe in providing resources for civic-minded, informed citizens."

- Andrew Schpak, Barran Liebman LLP (above left)

"I give to support local groups working to solve local problems."

- Susan Marmaduke, Harrang Long Gary Rudnick PC