New SLRs for Multnomah County from this year and last

February 2009
By Judge Marilyn Litzenberger, Multnomah County Circuit Court.

If you intend to ask for in camera review of documents, be sure to read new SLR 4.016 that became effective on February 1. Also, just in case you, your clients or your witnesses carry a cell phone (who doesn't?), you should become familiar with SLRs 3.182 and 6.027. Are there times when you wish you had requested that your hearing be recorded? Some courts record motion hearings for the judge's later use even if you have not requested that the proceedings be recorded. SLR 5.019 sets out a new procedure for requesting a copy of an audio recording of court proceedings by making an ex parte appearance before the presiding judge. Do you need a special accommodation for a client or witness? How about a foreign language interpreter? SLRs 7.061 and 7.071 cover these subjects.