Timeless Tips

February 2009
By Judge Marilyn Litzenberger, Multnomah County Circuit Court.

When I was a new lawyer I looked forward to reading the Multnomah Lawyer every month - especially Judge R.P. Jones' "Tips from the Bench" column. His tips were current and practical. I made a habit of tearing them out of the newsletter and putting them in a special 3-ring binder so I could retrieve the information easily when I needed it. Recently I had occasion to review that notebook and, somewhat to my surprise, many of Judge Jones' tips were still current and relevant to today's trial practice. You can read Judge Jones' tips without borrowing my notebook if you go to the MBA's Web site, click Courts, then Tips from the Bench. The link to Older Tips will take you all the way back to 1994 - the same year we all watched O.J. Simpson drive along the Los Angeles freeways in history's most exciting low-speed chase.

Another timeless reference and "must have" tool for every trial lawyer practicing in Oregon's state courts is Kirkpatrick's Oregon Evidence. Like many of you, I always had this reference on my bookshelf but I did not fully appreciate its usefulness until I became a trial judge. The next time you think of heading off to Powell's for a new novel, instead take your copy of Oregon Evidence off the bookshelf and sit down and read it cover to cover. You'll be glad that you did, especially if you are one of the many trial lawyers that "used to" try a lot of cases in state court. Dust off the Kirkpatrick's and your recollection of the Oregon evidence rules at the same time. You'll be happy that you did, even if it might seem like forever before you try your next case.Your Content Here