Judge Michael Loy

Multnomah County Circuit Court Judge Michael Loy

Judge Loy is a graduate of Willamette University and its College of Law. He holds the distinction of being Oregon's first Asian-American judge. He brings an optimistic attitude and demonstrated level of commitment to the position.

Judge Loy is assigned to Family Court. It is obvious that he enjoys the challenges he faces in that court. He views his position as one in which he can make a long-term positive impact on families. As he puts it, family court does not involve winning or losing as much as resolving ongoing problems.

Judge Loy finds abuse cases to be the most difficult. These cases involved high risk decisions that "you take home with you." However, he also views these cases as an opportunity to see real improvement in the lives of those people his decisions affect. The day-to-day interaction with people and the positive impact he can have provide him satisfaction.

He brings relevant experience to his position in dealing with family law. From 1988 until his appointment in 1995, Judge Loy served as a Multnomah County Juvenile Court referee. As a referee, he dealt with youths who often had already been through family court. Judge Loy believes that those experiences as a referee helped him in approaching cases in Family Court. He tries to find long-term solutions to the issues presented before him.

As far as advice to attorneys appearing before him, Judge Loy stresses preparation. He finds that attorneys who define the legal issues and present the facts in that framework assist him the most in making difficult decisions.

Originally authored by Christine Coers-Mitchell and printed in the October 1996 Multnomah Lawyer
Updated for the Internet in 2012