Multnomah County Courthouse

Statewide Court Facilities Studies

2012 Courthouse Fact Sheet
2008 Full consultant statewide facilities report (290 pp)
2008 Multnomah County Courthouse section of full consultant report
2008 Courthouse Fact Sheet
2009 Draft facilities prioritization report
2006 Court Facilities Task Force report

Multnomah County Courthouse Studies

Summary of studies
2003 Courthouse Blue Ribbon Committee Recommendations
2002 Hellmuth Obata Kassabaum (HOK) summary report
2002 HOK building systems

2009 Oregon Legislature Testimony

Chief Justice DeMuniz
Michael Dwyer, MBA President

Multnomah County Courthouse Photos

Non-reinforced masonry used to build courthouse

Ceiling with crumbling masonry

Electrical shaft

One of the file storage areas with tarp to keep leaks off files

Original electrical panel

Added electrical with open masonry

Height restriction in file storage area

Patchwork of electrical and plumbing and exposed masonry

Electrical panel by crumbling masonry

Another file storage area

Electrical panel patchwork with lightbulb lighting

More file storage with tarp