eCourt is coming to Multnomah County

Defining Terms


The Oregon Judicial Network (OJIN) is the original, green-screen, COBOL-language case management system developed in the 1980s and running to this day as the heart of the Oregon Judicial Department's (OJD) circuit court case management system. Within the scope of OJIN is included the Financial Information and Accounting System, and a later developed Graphical User Interface (GUI) component, known as GUI/OJIN. OJIN will run forever, but will remain in the 1980s. Every COBOL programmer will soon have retired. It is therefore time to move on to web-based technology and a person-based system.


OJIN OnLine can be run externally from the OJD network over the web. Using third-party software, users access an image of OJIN. It is a subscriber-based system based on usage. Offices buy one or more log-on credentials and pay a monthly fee for use. One log on could be used serially by many individuals,m one at a time. The system was changed in 2012 - it included two icons, one for OJIN and one for the Oregon eCourt Information (OECI) system.

HB 4066 passed in March. The name OJIN OnnLine may therefore soon change to Oregon Judicial Case Information Network (OJCIN). The bill perpetuated revenue and fees for access and use of the systems made up of OJCIN systems, made up of the Appellate Case Management System (ACMS), OJIN, OECI and Oregon eFile and Serve, for now. The revenue from these fees is dedicated to the support and maintenance of the OJCIN systems.

The OECI was named by the OJD. The entire system comprises components purchased or operated by Tyler Technologies, Inc., the vendor of Odyssey; a person-based case, document and revenue management system which is the heart of Oregon eCourt. Odyssey is the case management component, which holds all the case documents, hearings, and revenue transactions, and all of the related software to permit this management system to be used by Oregon's circuit courts. Approximately 12 states have selected Odyssey as a statewide solution for their court systems.

Oregon eFile and Serve
Tyler Techology's electronic filing software is known as File and Serve, a "software as a service" product.  The fee for using Oregon eFile and Serve will be covered by a one-time, 5%, across-the-board increase in filing fees dedicated to this purpose. HB 4066 has made that revenue stream and the fee increase a permanent part of the structure. The "user" fee for the system will be paid from this source and not directly by the party using the system.

The updated schedule leading up to eDay and beyond:
Monday, May 5: at 5:30pm, OJIN is locked down and Multnomah County cases can no longer be viewed on OJIN OnLine.
Friday, May 9: All 10 circuit courts currently on OECI will be offline for this single day. During this time, the 2 million active cases will be uploaded into OECI for Multnomah County.
Monday, May 12: eDay. The circuit court opens with all processes operating in the OECI system. Court staff have access to all case information, but OJIN OnLine users do not. The court will send notices of hearings, trials, and entered judgments electronically to the email address for the attorney of record in the case. That attorney is responsible to keep his email address current, and to make arrangements for others to have access to the email if necessary.
Friday, May 17: At 5:30pm, OECI will be offline through the weekend and the remaining 8 million inactive cases will be loaded into OECI.
Wednesday, May 21: Multnomah County Circuit Court will be given access to the inactive cases in OECI. Data review testing must be conducted to verify that the case conversion data is valid.
Tuesday, May 27: OECI cases and possibly access to documents will available to OJIN OnLine subscribers.
Late June: The Oregon eFile and Serve pilot will begin. Two firms, one civil-focused and one domestic relations-focused, will be requested to eFile. This limited use pilot program's purpose is to verify the system connections and to train court staff.
Mid to late July: The Oregon eFile and Serve system will be ready for all to use. Watch for the announcement.

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