Running with the Law

By Eva Marcotrigiano, Bowerman & David

It was a warm Saturday in August at about 7:30 a.m., somewhere on a grassy field in the Oregon coast range. I was walking, half asleep, over to the road where my incoming teammate, construction defect attorney Damon Henrie, would soon be handing me the '80s style slap-wrap bracelet for my next leg in Hood to Coast (HTC). Much to my surprise, I found myself amidst five or six familiar Smith Freed & Eberhard attorneys. Not one to get anxious about my appearance, I found myself concerned about my unbrushed teeth and the bags under my eyes in the presence of colleagues - until I learned of their HTC nicknames (Rumble Kitty, Badger, Swamp Monster a.k.a. Gigglefits, Rubber Duck, Suicide Jockey, Flat Iron and Pinky Brewster). Meanwhile, business litigator Stacy Owen was enjoying her HTC experience with coworkers from Markowitz Herbold Glade & Mehlhaf. The Markowitz team, Running from the Law and Dave Markowitz, was able to bond with one another doing something they all enjoy, something outside of the usual "team building" parameters. Somewhere nearby, Josh Stump, a business litigation attorney at Harrang Long Gary Rudnick, was trying to relax and recoup after finishing his final leg. Stump, in true lawyer form, had participated in a hearing in town on Friday morning. The judge and opposing counsel were so worried that he would miss his first leg that they moved the hearing up and encouraged him to show up in his running shoes!

Hood to Coast is not the only running event where you will find Portland lawyers. You may see a familiar face at the Helvetia Half Marathon & Widmer 10K, the Oregon Humane Society's Doggie Dash, or of course the Race for Justice 5K, which raised $142,000 this year on behalf of the St. Andrew Legal Clinic.

What is with all of these lawyers running when they are not being chased? Well, there are the obvious benefits to running, including physical and mental well-being. After sitting at a computer all day, your body needs to move, and after hours of analyzing, sometimes a run is the perfect thing to help clear your head. Furthermore, as attorneys we gravitate toward efficiency, as our time constraints are many. Running is one of the best "bangs for your buck" out there if you are looking to quickly improve your health. So, throw on your shoes and get out the door. That 30 minutes of clarity out in Forest Park may end up saving you three hours of tomorrow's time. Or, maybe we'll see you at Hood to Coast next year!