Hackathon Announced for May 17 and 18

Improving Access to Justice Through Technology

The MBA is partnering with the Technology Association of Oregon to host a hackathon focused on improving access to justice and services for self-represented litigants and the homeless.

What is a Hackathon?
A hackathon is an event at which a large number of people meet to engage in a collaborative endeavor, splitting into teams and brainstorming new solutions to existing problems. While usually the realm of the tech world, the MBA is using this model as a way to foster innovation in the systems that allow self-represented litigants to navigate their way through our legal system. It is our goal to combine the knowledge of both lawyers and tech developers to increase access to the justice system.

Collaborate and Take Action
This event will take place primarily on Friday, May 18, with an introductory kick-off event on the evening of Thursday, May 17. The hackathon will focus on improving accessibility and efficiency for access to homeless shelters and support services, pro bono volunteerism, and the new Multnomah County Courthouse (currently under construction).

Participants Needed
If you are interested in participating on one of the teams, please send an email to hackathon@mbabar.org indicating your interest. We will also hold a broader community event at the end of the hackathon at which the teams will present their ideas and judges will select the winning idea. If you are interested in attending that event, mark your calendar now!

Sponsorship Opportunities
Sponsorship information is available here. If you are interested in potential sponsorship, email hackathon@mbabar.org and we will send you the sponsorship options available.

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