MBA Health Insurance: FAQ

One of the most important benefits of MBA membership is access to the MBA’s health insurance program. Since its inception more than 30 years ago, the MBA has been the premier source for health insurance for the legal profession in Oregon. Thousands of Oregon lawyers and their dependents rely on the MBA for their health insurance. For 2019, we offer 10 different plans from Kaiser and Providence along with dental and vision coverage.  Plan types range from traditional PPOs to HSA qualified plans.

With the power of a large purchasing pool, the MBA can give member firms a range of quality plans from multiple insurers at reasonable rates. In fact, we have been able to negotiate small or no increases in rates for our plans in recent years. With updated underwriting criteria, our plans have become even more competitive, especially for smaller firms. If you are looking for health coverage for your firm, please consider getting a quote from the MBA.

Here are answers to some of the most common questions about the MBA’s program:

When can firms apply for coverage?
Firms may apply for coverage at any time. The MBA negotiates base rates and terms of coverage each year effective April 1st. Typically, firms can switch to MBA coverage at any time, not just at open enrollment.

What is the definition of employer for eligibility to participate?
To purchase coverage, firms must have at least one W2 employee. The employee must be someone other the firm’s owner or owner’s spouse, and the owner and employee must each work at least 17.5 hours per week.

Can non-law firm employers and employees participate?
Yes. Employers who are associate members of the MBA, may enroll owners and employees, as long as they meet the same W2 employee and hourly requirements as eligible law firms.

Do the MBA insurance plans benefit firms outside the Portland area?
Yes, plans with coverage throughout Oregon are available. Many firms outside the Portland area join the MBA to access the insurance program and other MBA benefits.

Can participants enroll in just the dental, vision or medical plans alone?
Yes. Firms can purchase only medical coverage. Firms with at least ten employees can enroll in just the dental and vision plans. Dental coverage may be purchased alone but vision coverage must be combined with dental coverage and cannot be purchased alone.

How are rates for firms new to MBA program determined?
Each year we renegotiate base rates with the carriers based on claims experience, terms of coverage and market trends. Then each firm is underwritten based on its demographic criteria (e.g. age, gender of employees and number of dependents).

Can firms offer all or a limited number of the plans in the MBA program?
Yes. Firms are free to offer individual participants any combination of plans or allow the individual employee choice of all the plans in the MBA program.

You can view available plans and application information under membership benefits. Or, contact the MBA’s broker, Steve Doty of Aldrich Benefits, at 503.716.9328 or

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