MBA Mentor Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Is the MBA Mentor Program compatible with the OSB New Lawyer Mentoring Program (NLMP)?
Yes, it is possible to participate in both programs either with the same mentor or a different mentor.

Who can participate as a mentee in the MBA Mentor Program?
Any MBA YLS member, whether or not they are signed up for the NLMP, may participate as a mentee.

Who can participate as a mentor in the MBA Mentor Program?
OSB members in good standing, with reputations for competence and for conducting themselves ethically and professionally, and with at least seven years of practice, may participate as mentors.

Is there a fee to participate?
The MBA Mentor Program is free for all participants.

If I am participating in the NLMP, will I be assigned the same mentor for the MBA Mentor Programs?
That’s up to you. Let us know your wishes on the MBA signup form and we’ll match you appropriately.

If I am participating in the NLMP why would I also sign up for the MBA Mentor Program?
The MBA program offers additional opportunities for mentoring outside the OSB structure, including networking, and obtaining free CLE credit available exclusively to people participating in the MBA program.

How are mentors and mentees matched?
Mentors are matched with mentees by MBA Professionalism Committee members based on the responses given on the sign-up form. Let us know if you would like the same mentor you have in the NLMP. If you’re not signed up for the NLMP, let us know what’s important to you in a mentor - practice area, firm size, gender, etc. We’ll do our best to match you appropriately.

How do I sign up?
Complete and return the signup form available at Forms are due to the MBA by November 29. Learn more about the OSB NLMP at If you have questions about the MBA Mentor Program, please contact Kathy Modie at the MBA at 503.222.3275.

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