MBA Professionalism Award Nominations due October 30

2016 MBA Professionalism Award Nominations due October 30

The MBA Professionalism Award is one of the most highly-regarded honors an attorney in our area can receive. Do you know a lawyer who is a pleasure to work with as both an ally and an adversary, who regularly goes well beyond minimum ethical and professionalism standards, who constantly mentors others and works to improve the quality of our practice as a whole? We strongly encourage you to nominate him or her for the 2016 MBA Professionalism Award. Any MBA practicing attorney member, except a member of the MBA Professionalism Committee or the MBA Board of Directors, is eligible to receive this award.

Esteemed award recipients include Raymond Conboy, Thomas H. Tongue, Randall B. Kester, Frank Noonan Jr., Donald W. McEwen, Don H. Marmaduke, Noreen K. Saltveit McGraw, Thomas E. Cooney, John D. Ryan, George H. Fraser, Barrie Herbold, Walter H. Sweek, Daniel E. O?Leary, Mark R. Wada, Sandra A. Hansberger, Robert C. Weaver, Walter H. Grebe, Susan M. Hammer, Carl R. Neil, Jeffrey M. Batchelor, Judy D. Snyder, Garry L. Kahn, Michael D. Schrunk, Edwin A. Harnden, Thomas W. Brown, Mark Johnson Roberts and Robin J. Selig.

Former nominees may be and often are re-nominated. To propose an outstanding attorney for this year?s award selection process, please complete and return the nomination form.

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