Multnomah County Hiring Two Juvenile Hearings Referees - Deadline to Apply August 22

Note: In order to be considered, applicants must also participate in the MBA pro tem screening process.

  • Please visit our Courts page for information about the process and links to application materials.
  • Submit both the MBA and OJD applications to Pamela Hubbs for the Judicial Screening Committee's review.
  • Your application materials should be submitted to the MBA as soon as possible and your appointment must be approved by the Oregon Supreme Court.
The positions are posted here:

About the Juvenile Hearings Referee Position
Multnomah County Circuit Court is hiring two (2) Juvenile Hearings Referees for its Juvenile Court which is part of the larger Family Court. The Juvenile Court Referee position is authorized by Oregon statue at ORS 419A.150.  The purpose of the position is to perform certain work of the circuit court judges assigned to the Juvenile Court, with a de novo appeal right to the circuit court available when the employee is not sitting as a Circuit Court Judge pro tem
Typical job duties include, but are not limited to, the tasks listed below. Assigned tasks may be changed to accommodate workload and organizational needs.
    • Review extensive court reports detailing the planning developed by caseworkers with the Oregon Department of Human Services and Juvenile Court Counselors. 
    • Research relevant case law and statutes.
    • Conduct 8-10 dependency review and permanency hearings per day,
    • Handle either dependency preliminary hearings or delinquency detention hearings one to two afternoons per week.
    • Prepare form orders and judgments for scheduled hearings.
    • Advise participants at hearings of their rights.
    • Define and determine the issues to be litigated. 
    • Hear witness testimony and identifies other evidence considered (such as reports). 
    • Handle pre-trial settlement conferences for Dependency and Termination of Parental rights trials, make evidentiary rulings, write findings of fact and conclusion of law; impose dispositions. Review large volumes of exhibits as part of each dependency and termination case.
In delinquency cases, determine whether or not youth committed the law violation, and decide the appropriate disposition and necessary treatment, if any.  Consider probation, detention, placement outside the home, commitment to a correctional or non-correctional facility, and treatment options in light of youth’s circumstances.
In dependency cases, determine whether or not the child is in imminent risk of serious injury and if so, whether the family home, foster care, or other community placement is best for the child. Issue opinions, orders, and judgments for children and families involved in the juvenile dependency system.
About the Multnomah County Circuit Court:
The 4th Judicial District is the largest in the State of Oregon. The Multnomah Circuit Court includes over 320 staff, 5 juvenile referees, 10 downtown hearings referees, and 38 elected judges working in four courtroom facilities in Multnomah County.
The Juvenile Court hears cases involving children under the age of 18.  Matters include dependency, delinquency, family law, and criminal cases.
Additional information:
The Multnomah Bar Association (MBA) provides detailed information about applying to become a new Judge pro tempore. You may find this useful to determine whether you qualify. 

First round interviews will take place August 30, August 31, or September 1. The second-round interviews will take place September 9. These are firm dates; please ensure you are available during these times.


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