New Multnomah County PJOs Address Remote/In-Person Appearances and Face Masks

Presiding Judge Judith Matarazzo has issued two Presiding Judge Orders to take effect October 1, 2022.

  •  PJO 2201-0006 addresses remote vs. in-person appearances.
    • There are no changes in Domestic Relations, Juvenile and Probate proceedings.
    • The court will continue to follow the protocols in the October 29, 2021 PJO, which are incorporated into PJO 2201-0006.
  • PJO 2201-0007 addresses face masks.
    • Signs will be displayed on monitors to alert people coming into the courthouse if masks are required that day. Masks will be required when the CDC determines that the COVID-19 risk level in Multnomah County in “High.”
    • PJO 2101-0007 allows for different mask requirements in the Juvenile Justice Complex.

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