OSB Climate Assessment and MBA Caregivers Surveys

OSB Climate Assessment and MBA Caregivers Surveys
The MBA, OSB and OWLs recently teamed up to conduct a study on how caregiving affects the practice of law in Portland. Separately, the OSB recently conducted a Climate Assessment Survey with the goal of better understanding the experience of lawyers who are not part of the dominant culture as they navigate a career in Oregon. Both studies were conducted with the help of KGR+C LLC (Kno-Why.Com), a Portland-based research and consulting firm. On January 26, the OSB and MBA hosted an event to discuss the findings of the two studies with leaders in the Portland legal community.

OSB Climate Assessment Survey
The goal of the Climate Study was to gain a thorough understanding of the current culture while identifying opportunities to enhance and extend our efforts to create a fully inclusive and equitable bar.

Phase one was an online survey fielded from May through July of 2019. Phase two was creating a series of focus groups to discuss themes from the survey findings. Each group consisted of a different cohort of respondents: LatinX, Black, Asian/Pacific Islander, LGBTQAI2+ and people with disabilities. KGR+C (KnoWhy) researchers used the focus group conversations to center the meaning and implications of findings for each group in their lived experiences.

MBA and OWLS Caregivers Survey
The MBA and OWLS conducted an online survey in May 2020 to learn how the demands of caring for others intersects with job satisfaction and retention in the legal profession. The survey was intended for all genders, and for people with and without caregiving roles. The goal of the survey was to better understand the experiences of lawyers who juggle work and caregiving, and our profession’s perceptions around balancing work and family. The survey also looked at how the pandemic is impacting our daily lives.

KGR+C recently presented the findings from both surveys. Watch their presentation: https://live.mbabar.org/c/2021-osb-and-mba-legal-climate-and-caregiving-presentation.

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