Portland 2.0 Change Ambassador Workshop II

You can become part of the vanguard by participating in the kickoff event on January 26. 2019 and in two subsequent workshops. The group of 30 – 50 participants will be a rich resource, individually and as a group, for forums such as City Club and for the leadership training programs of other organizations. They will be recognized as civic thought leaders with knowledge and perspective that makes what they do more effective and informed as civic leaders.

The project seeks individuals with a demonstrated interest and capacity to address the “big questions” posed by the project, to attend the project kickoff event (as guests) January 26 and to actively engage in the workshops outlined above. We are especially interested in younger, emerging civic leaders and those from historically under-represented communities.

Workshop participants will attend the kickoff and all events for free. Limited scholarship assistance is available.

In the workshops the group will produce a summary report responding to the following questions:

  • Based on what came out of the kickoff event and other sources, what is our assessment of the state and direction of our “civic infrastructure”? Do we need changes in our politics, our institutional arrangements, our “citizen participation” practices?”
  • What should we change about forms of governance, roles and relationships among governments, of citizens and governments, of roles and relationships of the business community and the civic sector?
  • How do we go about making changes in our “civic infrastructure”? Can we put together an overall strategy?

The project is not…a young leader training program, of which there are already many excellent examples. Nor is it a topically focused convening (housing affordability, etc.), although there will be room for plenty of spirited engagement. The focus will be on how problems, issues, and goals do or do not get successfully addressed.

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Friday, February 22, 2019

5:30pm - 9:00pm

Prosper Portland
222 NW 5th Ave,
Portland, OR 97209