Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Technology in your Daily Legal Practice

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Did you miss the blockchain boat? It seems like everyone is talking about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency these days; you may even have clients asking you about it. This CLE seminar is designed to start at square one. Our panel of speakers Nathan DiNiro, Co-Founder and VP Marketing at YouBase; Mindy Montgomery, Product Manager for Moovel; and Miller Nash Graham & Dunn attorneys Doug Morris, Olivia Grabacki and Jacob Hasler will: 
  • Explain what a blockchain is and how it's used to power digital currencies like Bitcoin. 
  • Talk about how blockchain technology can be used in other settings.
  • Talk about specific case studies where blockchain technology intersects with the daily legal practice. 
Have you ever wondered how to transfer cryptocurrency assets in a family law or estate planning dispute? Has a business client asked you about raising capital with digital tokens? Do you need to advise a client on how their Bitcoins will be taxed? We're going to cover it all. Sign up today, and don't let this boat leave without you!

Date & Time
Thursday, September 13, 2018, 3:00pm-5:00pm
World Trade Center, Mezzanine Room, 26 SW Salmon,
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