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Public Speaking for Attorneys

Register By: 10/23/2012
Registration must be received by the MBA office by 5 p.m on this date, or 'at the door' registration fee will apply.

Date: Wednesday, October 24th 2012
Time: 3:00 - 5:00 p.m.
Location: World Trade Center Mezzanine Room, Building 2, 26 SW Salmon, Portland

Credit Type(s): General Credit

What are the most common public speaking mistakes litigators make in the courtroom? What is the number one non-verbal indicator of credibility? How do you keep from using distracting fillers such as "um," "like," "so," and "you know"? How loud should you speak and what effect does pitch have on a listener? When is it better to read a presentation, memorize it, or wing it? What are effective tactics for dealing with situations where you have to improvise?

Come hear Judge Janice Wilson and Laura Dominic, Senior Consultant at Tsongas Litigation Consulting, reveal how even the most confident, talented advocates can stumble in oral advocacy, and get some tips for improving your own arguments and presentations.

Worth two hours of general OSB MCLE credit.

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