How Jurors Really Think 2014

A Live Focus Group Evaluates a Premises Liability Case

Note: Recorded seminar worth 2.5 hours of practice skills OSB MCLE credit.

This class will be a live demonstration of a focus group in a typical premises liability case. Due to the popularity of this class last year, we've asked Jeff to present for us again. There will be a new fact pattern and new materials regarding discovery.
Jeffrey Boyd, President of Boyd Trial Consulting, will present the evidence, arguments, and law to a group of "real" people - non-lawyers who could be jurors someday. The goal is to get the jurors' feedback on the many aspects of the case, so that the lawyers in attendance can see and hear how real people think about the issues in a typical case. This class will be useful to anyone who tries civil cases and will include a live demonstration of a highly interactive focus group. The jurors will be presented with the facts and law of a typical premises liability case. Hear and see how real people process and talk about the facts and the law. Even if you don't do a lot of these cases in your practice, they are a great learning tool because they illustrate so well how to overcome jury bias and get a winning verdict.  This knowledge can be applied to almost any case you are working on.

Throughout the course of his career, Jeff has tried over 100 civil jury trials and has served as a trial consultant for over 15 years.

Date & Time
Thursday, June 26, 2014, 2-5pm
World Trade Center Mezzanine, Building 2, 26 SW Sa
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