Mary Jane at Work: Employment Law Implications of Marijuana Use

This past year, the use of recreational marijuana became authorized in Oregon. As a result, employers and employees face new challenges and conflicting pressures on how to deal with marijuana use and its effect on the workplace. This two-hour program will address the effects employer policies and procedures might have on the workplace culture, safety concerns, and public perception, as well as what rights employees have to engage in off-duty conduct now decriminalized by state law. This seminar will be invaluable to all employment law attorneys, whether they regularly represent employers or employees. Matthew C. Ellis, an employment law attorney representing employees, Alex Wheatley, an attorney with Fisher & Phillips LLP representing employers, and Ben Eder, a partner at Thuemmel Uhle & Eder with extensive knowledge of drug testing techniques and considerations, will address issues employers and employees face with the use of marijuana by employees, such as:

?        How to advise clients regarding employment policies focused on marijuana use in the workplace;

?        How to navigate practical issues stemming from off-duty conduct;

?        Common testing protocol issues, including what types of drug tests detect marijuana, how far back can they detect the presence of marijuana in the system, and how can employers implement testing procedures to fit their desired results.


For more information: Call Sean Ray, Barran Liebman at 503.276.2135. For registration questions, call the MBA at 503.222.3275.

Date & Time
Wednesday, February 17, 2016, 3:00-5:00pm
World Trade Center Mezzanine, Building 2, 26 SW Sa
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