Solo & Small Firm Workshop: So You Had a Bad Day? (Week? Month?)

Tips for Preventing and Recovering from Burnout

Join the MBA Solo & Small Firm Committee for a CLE that addresses an issue with which many attorneys struggle - burnout. Burnout is different than stress and can result for a variety of reasons. Ongoing client demands, constant deadlines, compassion fatigue, long work hours and other mental health challenges (ADHD, depression, and anxiety) can all contribute to burnout. Attorneys in solo or smaller firms may be more susceptible due to less availability of support from others. In addition to learning practical tips to avoid burnout, attendees will also be provided more information to help them understand some of the more obscure issues that can cause burnout. 
Our panel includes three speakers, two of which have been there as they practiced law for several years. They now focus their career on supporting attorneys. Bryan R. Welch is a counselor through the Oregon Attorney Assistance Program and has a wealth of knowledge on the issue of burnout that is specifically applicable to attorneys. Heather Decker, JD, is a former litigation attorney and now has devoted her career to working as a Productivity Coach for lawyers and service professionals. Her focus is on implementing practical strategies for lawyers to have less stress and gain more success in their career. Our panelist also includes Stephanie Tucker, MA, MBA, MAC, who is experienced with many areas related to burnout, including crisis management and crisis intervention.  

The MBA will apply for 1 hour of OSB MCLE credit.  

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Wednesday, April 27, 2022, 12-1pm
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