Taking and Using Depositions at Trial

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Trial lawyer Chad Colton of Markowitz Herbold and trial consultant Chris Dominic of Tsongas Litigation Consulting will discuss the use of deposition testimony at trial. They will discuss how to take depositions with an eye toward use at trial, the mechanics of using depositions during trial, and how to maximize their impact before a jury.

The presentation will cover:

•    Determining deposition goals including potential use at trial
•    Questioning techniques that elicit useful admissions
•    Ensuring thorough treatment of key issues
•    Permissible uses of depositions at trial
•    Presenting expert depositions at trial
•    Deposition testimony in opening statements
•    Strategies for selecting deposition portions to use
•    Preventing an opponent’s effective use of deposition at trial

For more information: Contact Kathryn Roberts, Markowitz Herbold, at 503.984.3071. For registration questions, contact the MBA at mba@mbabar.org.


Date & Time
Friday, May 27, 2022, 12:00pm-1:00pm
Remote attendance only via Zoom
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