Multnomah County Courthouse Facilities

Information about Multnomah County's courthouses is below.

The present Multnomah County Courthouse, completed in 1914, has structural problems and is inadequate for the present needs of the community

National Center for State Courts Issues 2012 Report

The center recently issued a report on the future needs of the courts and judicial system, which is available here (large PDF file).

Courthouse Watch

Courthouse Watch keeps you informed on the latest developments regarding Multnomah County Courthouses.

Oregon Courthouse Facilities Update

The 2008 Oregon Legislative Interim Committee on Court Facilities contracted with outside consultants to study courthouse facilities around the state. The report covers 48 facilities around the state; the consultants shared details on their methodology for their facilities prioritization reports. Risk of harm and funding effectiveness (highest risk/lowest cost) were the guiding principles. The consultants were to figure out if there were high-risk and small-cost projects with the direction that it would be better to mitigate more lower-costs projects than spend millions on one. The Multnomah County Courthouse, with an estimated replacement cost of $209 million, ranked last in the prioritization list of 48 courthouse facilities. Former Chief Justice Paul J. De Muniz provided testimony to the committee, as did former MBA President Michael Dwyer.

Multnomah County Courthouse Facility Information

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