The building of the new Central Courthouse has given the MBF an opportunity to work with Presiding Judge Stephen Bushong and Trial Court Administrator Barbara Marcille on a new project that will support the MBF’s mission to improve the quality and administration of the legal system here in Multnomah County. The MBF is launching a new initiative, CourtSupport. Through CourtSupport, the MBF will develop and fund projects designed to assist community members navigating Multnomah County courts. CourtSupport’s initial goal is to place a CourtSupport Navigator at the information desk in the new courthouse lobby (which otherwise will have no staffing and will remain empty). The CourtSupport Navigator will be responsible for serving community members entering the courthouse by answering basic questions about the court and connecting individuals who need accommodations or extra assistance to services and resources within the court. The mission of the CourtSupport Navigator will be to make the entire process of entering and navigating the courthouse and legal system a little less intimidating. 

Through this and other future projects, CourtSupport will work to close critical funding gaps in areas impacting access to justice and the quality and administration of the legal system.

To make a tax-deductible charitable contribution to CourtSupport, please use the "Donate Now" button to donate online. To donate an amount that isn't listed in the dropdown menu or for other donation options, please complete and send the donation form, or call us at 503.222.3275.

For more information, please contact Pamela Hubbs (,503.222.3275).