MBA Commitment to Diversity

The MBA Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee works to promote equality in the profession and justice system and identifies ways in which the MBA can promote diversity in the practice of law.

MBA Statement of Diversity Principles

The MBA invites you to sign on to the Statement of Diversity Principles. The statement was adopted by the MBA Board in April 2009. It presents an opportunity for all legal employers - law firms big and small, governments, businesses, nonprofits and everyone else - to publicly acknowledge their commitment to developing the diversity of the legal community in Oregon. The statement is offered as a vehicle to continue and expand upon our conversation about diversity in the bar - diversity as an encompassing idea, important to all of us.

Thank You

Special thanks to Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt and Stoel Rives for their generous donations, which covered the costs of printing and mailing the statement.

Multnomah Bar Association/Oregon State Bar LSAT Preparation Course Scholarship

The Multnomah Bar Association’s Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee seeks to foster and expand diversity in the Multnomah County legal community and the state of Oregon. To achieve this goal, the MBA EDI committee awards scholarships for LSAT preparation courses to law school applicants whose future involvement in the law will enhance the diversity of our bench and bar.

The application is open to any law school applicant now attending college in the state of Oregon or Vancouver, Washington, or who has other substantial ties to the state of Oregon. Individuals must also demonstrate a commitment to foster and expand diversity and inclusion in the Oregon legal community.  2021 Application | 2021 Cover Letter
The scholarship committee will consider applications on an ongoing basis. However, applicants should submit the application by Friday, March 5, 2021, to ensure consideration.  Applicants should email their completed applications to or send them by regular mail to:
MBA Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Committee/LSAT Scholarship
620 SW Fifth Ave., Suite 1220
Portland, OR  97204
Please feel free to contact the committee at with any questions or concerns. 

MBA Fellows Program

The Multnomah Bar Fellows Program provides financial support, mentoring, and summer internship opportunities in Portland, Oregon to diverse law students attending Lewis & Clark Law School and the University of Oregon School of Law. This program fosters a new generation of excellent lawyers who will enhance the diversity of Multnomah County's legal community. The inaugural class of Multnomah Bar Fellows began law school in the fall of 2018.

Message from Oregon Supreme Court Chief Justice Martha L. Walters

Inclusion and diversity will make our profession more effective, more creative and more just. But we cannot achieve those results without education and commitment. I encourage each of you to learn all you can about the benefits of inclusion and diversity and how to make the significant strides we need. Please consider signing the MBA Statement of Diversity Principles. If we all take meaningful steps in our hiring, retention and promotion practices, and in seeking the elevation of a diverse cadre of lawyers to leadership positions, we will bring more varied perspectives and talents to our communities, to the practice of law and to the administration of justice. Thank you for being true champions for change!


Sign the Pledge

Click here for a printable form. Please send a copy of your signed statement to the MBA. Sign online by filling out the form below.

For correspondence regarding the Statement of Diversity Principles, the following individual should be contacted:

By clicking the submit button you agree to the Multnomah Bar Association Statement of Diversity Principles.

Who has signed the pledge:

The following firms have signed the Statement of Diversity Principles:

Aldrich Law Office PC Corrigan ADR Rudnick PC Law Offices of Judy Snyder OGALLA: The LGBTQ Bar Association of Oregon Ronald W Atwood PC
Alex West Law Cosgrave Vergeer Kester LLP Harris Law Firm PC Law Offices of Lourdes Sanchez Oregon Asian Pacific American Bar Association  Rose Senders & Bovarnick LLC
Alice Harman, Attorney at Law D'Amore Law Group Hollis K. McMilan, P.C. Law Offices of Miyuki Yoshida Oregon Chapter of the National Bar Association Samuels Yoelin Kantor LLP
Alterman Law Group PC Davis Rothwell Earle & Xochihua, P.C. ICMresolutions Inc Law Works LLC Oregon Department of Justice Sara L Gabin PC
Alycia N Sykora PC Davis Wright Tremaine LLP Jensen & Leiberan PC Lazenby & Associates Oregon Education Association Schroeder Law Offices PC
Anne E Denecke PC Delta Counsel PC Jessica Fair Stevens Investigations Legal Aid Services of Oregon - Portland Regional Office Oregon Health & Science University - Affirmative Action & Equal Opp. Dept. Schwabe Williamson & Wyatt PC
Ann L. Fisher Legal & Consulting Services Diamond Law John A. Kodachi, P.C. Lewis & Clark Law School Oregon Law Center - Portland Office Shenoa Payne Attorney at Law
Ater Wynne LLP Dispute Resolution Services  John H Beckfield PC Lewis & Clark Legal Clinic Oregon Trial Lawyers Association Squires Law Office PC
Baker Law PC Divorce Shoppe Jon Friedman Lindsay Hart LLP Oregon Women Lawyers St Andrew Legal Clinic
Ball Janik LLP Dorsay & Easton LLP Jordan Ramis PC Littler Mendelson Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP Staffing Solutions, LLC
Barker Martin PS Duden Mediation Justine Fischer, Attorney at Law Marandas & Sinlapasai PC OSB Board of Governors Steven D Adler PC
Barrack Law Firm PC Dunn Carney Karen L. Zumwalt, Attorney  Marc Sussman PC Pamela Hardy, Attorney at Law  Stoel Rives LLP
Barran Liebman LLP Dwyer Mediation Center Karen Stolzberg, Disability Law  Mark C Cogan PC Parker Butte & Lane PC Stoll Berne
Batchelor Mediation + Arbitration Esler Stephens & Buckley Keddis Law Office, LLC Markowitz Herbold PC Parrilli Renison LLC Sussman Shank LLP
Bear Wilner-Nugent Atty at Law Evans - Batlan Klarquist Sparkman LLP Matasaru Law PC Paul Norr, Attorney & Counselor at Law Swider Haver LLP
Beauvais Law Firm LLC Farleigh Wada Witt Knauerhase Law Office McEwen Gisvold LLP Peggy S Foraker PC Synergy Legal Inc
Bennett Hartman Morris Fontana & Takaro PC Kramer & Associates McKanna Bishop Joffe Perkins Coie LLP The Immigration Law Office of Bryan McGowan
Beovich Walter & Friend Free Lance Investigations & Process Serving Kranovich & Lucero LLC Megan E Glor Attorneys at Law Peter L. Fels, PC The Law Ofc of W Scott Phinney
Bodyfelt Mount LLP Gardner Trabolsi & Associates Lana L Traynor LLC Metro Public Defender Inc Peter S Leichtfuss PC Thomas Coon Newton & Frost
Boise Matthews LLP Garrison Law Group LLC Lane Powell PC Michael R Sandoval, PC Piucci Law Firm Timothy Bennett PC
Bonneville Power Administration Garvey Schubert Barer Law Ofc of David A Snyder LLC Michael Redden PC Portland Defender Timothy J. Murphy
Brooke Law Office LLC Gaydos Churnside & Balthrop Law Ofc of Linda Ziskin Miller & Associates Portland Legal Group PC Tonkon Torp LLP
Buchanan Angeli Altschul & Sullivan LLP Gaylord Eyerman Bradley PC Law Office of Danny Lang Miller Nash Graham & Dunn LLP Portland Ofc of City Attorney Troy & Rosenberg PC
Bullard Smith Jernstedt Wilson Geico Portland Staff Counsel Law Office of Diane E. Gould  Mitra Law Group Portland Public Schools University of Oregon School of Law
Bullivant Houser Bailey PC Gevurtz Menashe Larson & Howe, PC Law Office of Gary U Scharff Multnomah County Attorney's Office Portland State University Student Legal Services US Attorney's Office
Campaign for Equal Justice Ginis Howa LLP Law Office of Gregory L. Gudger Multnomah County Circuit Court Posner Law Firm LLC Vangelisti Mediation
Glascock Street Waxler LLP Law Office of J. Clay McCaslin Multnomah County District Attorney's Office Powers & Mark Wallace Klor Mann Capener
Carol Vogt Lavine LLC Gordon Rees LLP Law Office of Jimmy Namgyal Nelson & Nelson Renee E Starr LLC Waxler Immigration Law LLC
Chamberlain Mediation Arbitration Gresham Family & Bankruptcy Law Law Office of Robert W. Pike OAAP Richardson Wright LLP Westside Family Law
Charese Rohny Law Offices, LLC Guyer Law Law Office of Scott T. Cliff Office of Metro Attorney Robert G. Burt PC Whipple Law Office LLC
Clarke Balcom PC Haglund Kelley LLP Law Office of Susana Alba Roger Hennagin PC Willamette Univeristy College of Law Career Center
Cooney Cooney & Madigan LLC Harrang Long Gary  Law Office of Todd Struble William E. Braun, LLC
Law Offices of Alan A Lave LLC Wyse Kadish LLP
Yates Family Law PC 

The following individuals have signed the Statement of Diversity Principles:

Linda Abel Anne Denecke Don Jacobs Timothy Murphy Hon. Kelly Skye
Marc Abrams Lori Deveny Melissa Jaffe Raymond Myers Michelle Slater
Jas Adams Barbara Diamond Peter Jarvis Kevin Myles Ingrid Slezak
Sarah Adams Katja Dillmann Catherine Jedlicka Phylis Myles Claire-Elizabeth Sloan
Kelvin Adkins-Heljeson Courtney Dippel Brian Jefferson Erica Naito-Campbell Richard Sly
Steven Adler Darin Dooley Kali Jensen Phuntsok Namgyal Adrian Smith
Hon. Cheryl Albrecht Craig Dorsay Erious Johnson Patricia Nation Monica Smith
Hon. Beth Allen David Doughman Kellie Johnson Banafsheh Nazari Thomas Smith
Gertrude Allen Elisa Dozono Lauren Johnson David Nebel Vicki Smith
Chris Allnatt Alex Duarte M. Westbrook Johnson Luella Nelson Stuart Smucker
Dean Alterman Paul Duden Thomas Johnson Roscoe Nelson Brian Sniffen
Robert Altman Thomas Dulcich Caryn Jones Gretel Ness David Snyder
Lisa Amato Susan Dunaway S. Katherine Joseph Raife Neuman Judy Danelle Snyder
Andrea Anderly Kelly Dunham Richard Josephson Martha Neustadt Storie Thomas Sondag
Dawn Andrews James Dwyer Joshua Kadish Francie Nevill Leslie Sorensen-Jolink
Rhonda Antell Michael Dwyer Nicholas Kampars Robert Newell M. Scott Sorensen-Jolink
Joseph Arellano Marie Eckert Jennifer Kampsula Todd Newlin Paul Southwick
Adam Arms Paul Edison-Lahm Lindsay Kandra Raven Nocar Marshal Spector
Jessica Asai Amy Edwards Lisa Kaner Suzanne Noland Paul Spencer
John Ashworth Elizabeth Edwards Hon. Henry Kantor Carol Noonan Corinna Spencer-Scheurich
Gina Atwood Katie Eichner Stephen Kantor Brant Norquist Ann Spiegel
Ronald Atwood Sarah Einowski Henry Kaplan Paul Norr Richard Spier
Aloysius Auyeung Dan Eller Matthew Kaplan Darcy Norville Zachary Spier
Robert Axford Cody Elliott Nathan Karman Nicole Nowlin Alan Spinrad
Jodie Ayura Matthew Ellis Kevin Kaufman Kathleen O'Brien Robin Springer
Nancy Babka Parker Emerson Lissa Kaufman James O'Connor Joshua Stadtler
Craig Bachman Julie Engbloom Michael Kavanaugh Daniel O'Leary Mindy Stannard
John Bachofner Stephanie Engelsman Leslie Kay Leslie O'Leary Renee Starr
Jean Back Nancy Erfle Eric Kearney Anne O'Malley Krista Stearns
Aaron Baker Kevin Erickson James Keddis Shawn O'Neil Robyn Stein
E. Clarke Balcom Jennifer Jill Esmay Myah Kehoe Tanya O'Neil Micah Steinhilb
Richard Baldwin Ernest Estes Keith Ketterling Yumi O'Neil Pamela Stendahl
Albert Bannon Kathleen Evans Desmond Kidney E. Susan O'Toole Elizabeth Stephens
Catherine Barnard Sarah Ewing Ursula Albertina Kienbaum Heather Oden Michael Stephenson
Richard Baroway Jessica Fair Stevens Genevieve Kiley Jennifer Oetter Bob Steringer
Martin Barrack Scott Farleigh Grace Kimm Katelyn Oldham Kristin Sterling
Stephanie Barrie Omid Farza Neil Kimmelfield Edward Olson Hon. Fay Stetz-Waters
James Bartels Michael Fearl Brian King Bruce Orr Sylvia Stevens
Alice Bartelt Peter Fels Jan Kitchel Hon. Darleen Ortega Milton Stewart
Caylin Barter Susan Felstiner John Klor Jessica Osborne Renee Stineman
David Bartz Kaley Fendall Jeffrey Knapp John Osburn Karen Stolzberg
Jeffrey Batchelor Kassim Ferris Karen Knauerhase Paul Ostroff Heidi Strauch
Irina Batrakova Christiane Fife Kelly Knivila Joel Overlund Jonathan Strauhull
Barbara Baughman Karen Fink John Knowles Olufunmike Owoso Jennifer Street
David Bean James Finn Sara Kobak Terrence Pancoast Elizabeth Amira Streeter
Danielle Beauvais Justine Fischer Anne Koch Margie Paris Todd Struble
Derily Bechthold Sonya Fischer John Koch Judith Parker Hon. Diana Stuart
John Beck Ann Fisher Ginger Kocurek Kristofer Parker Aaron Stuckey
Lawrence Beck Sydney Fitzpatrick John Kodachi Alan Pasternack Dana Sullivan
John Beckfield Marielle Florendo Sandra Kohn Sujata Patel Marc Sussman
Hon. Douglas Beckman Hon. Meagan Flynn Connie Kong Charles Paternoster Hon. Susan Svetkey
Malia Bennett Peggy Foraker Kevin Kono Dennis Paterson Les Swanson
Timothy Bennett Cassandra Forbess Robert Koury Jollee Patterson Laura Swartz
Christopher Bergstrom Dana Forman Bert Krages Jonathan Patterson Diane Sykes
Steven Berman Emily Fox Donald Krahmer Shenoa Payne Alycia Sykora
Beth Bernard Ryan Fox-Lee Thomas Kranovich Thomas Peachey Andreea Szabo
Gary Berne Angela Franco Lucero Lory Kraut Teresa Pearson Martha Takaro
Kala Bernhardt Lawrence Frank John Kroger Jennifer Peckham Laura Takasumi
Carol Bernick Jenny Franks Manasi Kumar Amy Pedersen Anne Talcott
Melissa Berube Norma Freitas Wendell Kusnerus Ruth Pekelder Avalyn Taylor
Kawn Beyoud Pilar French Timothy LaBadie Catriona Penfield C Kalei Taylor
C. Bradford Biddle Jan Friedman Hon. Jerome LaBarre Alan Perkins Hillary Taylor
A. Jeffery Bird Jonathan Friedman Dean Land Lake James Perriguey Hon. Katherine Tennyson
Susan Bischoff Doug Friend Wayne Landsverk Sarah Petersen Nichole Tennyson
Victoria Blachly Jon Fritzler Milton Lankton Milo Petranovich Christina Thacker
Sheila Blackford Edward Fu Jerome Larkin Jamie Pfeiffer Melissa Thaisz
A Blake Hon. Alicia Fuchs Christopher Larsen Julia Philbrook John Thomas
Harold Blank Gregory Fullem Eric Larson Quentin Phillips David Thompson
Owen Blank Kellie Furr Matthew Larson W. Scott Phinney David Thornburgh
Bryana Blessinger Sara Gabin Steve Larson Troy Pickard Kent Thurber
Jacob Book Alan Galloway Alan Lave Suzanne Pickgrobe Geoffrey Tichenor
Hon. Allison Boomer Samantha Gamboa Carol Lavine Robert Pike Kelly Tilden
Lane Borg Frank Garcia Linda Law Brandy Pirtle-Guiney Yvonne Tingleaf
Kimberly Boswell Luis Garcia Henry Lazenby Mary Pool Steven Todd
Duane Bosworth Jason Gardner Lori Le Cheminant Leah Popoff Mark Toledo
Ryan Bounds Ronald Gardner Stephen Ledoux Michael Porter Jed Tomkins
Carson Bowler Paul Garrahan Ari Lee Jason Posner Christine Totten
Heather Bowman Russell Garrett Heather Lee Nancie Potter Cozette Tran-Caffee
William Braun Melissa Garrison Richard Lee Sheila Potter Lana Traynor
Kathleen Bricken Elise Gautier Hon. Terry Leggert Claire Poulin Matthew Trick
Mary Bridge Gerry Gaydos Peter Leichtfuss Bruce Powell Mark Trinchero
Catherine Brinkman Charley Gee Megan Lemire Bryan Powell Edward Trompke
Adam Brittle Joel Geelan Benjamin Lenhart Kathryn Pratt Jamie Troy
Candice Broock John Geil Justin Leonard Scott Pratt Kimberly Trujillo
Adrian Brown Michael Gelardi Kenneth Lerner Steven Prewitt Trung Tu
Heidi Brown Jill Gelineau Lisa LeSage Charles Pruitt Kimberly Tucker
Thomas Brown Erika George Matthew Levin Helen Pruitt Duke Tufty
Ingrid Brydolf James Geringer Michelle Lewis Holly Puckett Lisa Umscheid
Michele Buck-Romero Christine Gibert Hon. Marilyn Litzenberger Sarah Radcliffe Jaimy Urbach
Kim Buckley Leigh Gill Peter Livingston Ronald Ragen Vanessa Usui
Gillian Bunker Andrew Ginis Darien Loiselle Banurekha Ramachandran Julie Vacura
Lawrence Burke Erica Glaser Barbara Long Hollis Ransom Patricia Vallerand
Andrew Burns Richard Glick Mark Long Simeon Rapoport James Van Dyke
Anthony Burrell Megan Glor Michael Long Mami Raske Todd Van Rysselberghe
Robert Burt Hwa Go Hon. Angel Lopez Kathleen Rastetter Walter Van Valkenburg
Stephen Bush Steven Goldberg Derrick Louie Hon. Thomas Rastetter David Van't Hof
Hon. Stephen Bushong Monica Goracke Ryan Lowe Cheryl Rath Richard Vangelisti
Jesse Buss Hala Gores Christopher Lundberg Vicky Razo Joseph VanLeuven
Sara Butcher Leta Gorman John Lundeen Michael Redden Katherine VanZanten
Diane Cady Denise Gorrell Kelly Luzania Hon. David Rees Aaron Varhola
Carlos Calandriello Diane Gould Jesse Lyon Linly Rees Valerie Vollmar
Katherine Caldwell Kamron Graham Jenny Madkour Tracy Reeve Hon. Katharine von Ter Stegge
Carmen Calzacorta Janet Gravdal Laura Maffei Brent Renison Ellen Voss
Cristen Campbell Walter Grebe Laura Mahr Ronald Rhodes David Wade
Madeleine Campbell Derek Green Nathan Maki James Rice James Waggoner
Michael Campbell Kristin Greene David Malcolm Bonnie Richardson Jennifer Wagner
Frederic Cann Michael Greene Stephen Malm Peter Richter Elizabeth Wakefield
Clif Cannon Shari Gregory C. Atha Mansoory Michael Ritchey James Waldron
Patrick Cannon Gary Grenley John Marandas Meagan Robbins Carolyn Walker
Donato Capobianco Kimberly Griffith Eva Marcotrigiano Gary Roberts Frank Wall
David Carrasco Dan Grinfas George Mardikes Kathryn Roberts Ian Wallace
Gilbert Carrasco John Grothaus Charles Marr Hon. Leslie Roberts Hon. Nan Waller
Russ Carter Gregory Gudger Hon. Chris Marshall Annie Robertson Trish Walsh
Evan Cass Yesenia Gutierrez Thomas Martin Blake Robinson Benjamin Walters
Sara Cassidey George Guyer Paul Martinez Glenn Robles Joyce Wan
Nancy Chafin Deborah Guyol Aruna Masih David Rocker Chenyu Wang
Gregory Chaimov Mark Hackett Heidi Mason Helle Rode Jovita Wang
Tommy Chau Julia Hagan William Matarazzi Victor Roehm Jennifer Warberg
Rosa Chavez Douglas Hagen Adina Matasaru Edie Rogoway Laura Warf
Elleanor Chin Damien Hall Jeffrey Matson Charese Rohny Molly Washington
Patricia Chor Tiffany Hamilton Audrey Matsumonji Kathryn Root Hon. Ulanda Watkins
Thomas Chow Susan Hammer Joseph Mattoon Adam Rose Susan Watts
Melissa Chureau Todd Hanchett Ryan Maughn Lois Rosenbaum Amy Wayson
Lynn Clark Sandra Hansberger Hon. Jean Kerr Maurer Joshua Ross Heather Weigler
Scott Cliff Katie Haraguchi Clay McCaslin Erica Rothman Julie Weis
Larry Coady Pamela Hardy G Catriona McCracken Margaret Rowe Rachel Weisshaar
Thomas Coan Pamela Hardy Gail McEwen Bruce Rubin Alexandra West
Fred Coccodrilli Alice Harman Maureen McGee Cathryn Ruckle Beverly West
Mark Cogan Edwin Harnden William McGee Maria Ruckwardt Deborah Weston
Jonathan Cohen Stephanie Harper Bryan McGowan Michelle Rudd Simon Whang
Michael Cohen Ashley Hartmeier-Prigg Mark McGranaghan Rebecca Rude Scott Whipple
Valerie Colas Darius Hartwell John McGrory Ross Runkel Eric Wieland
Dominic Colletta Nikki Hatton Elizabeth McKanna Elizabeth Rosso Mark Wilk
Eric Collins Peter Hawkes Matthew McKean Hon. Jolie Russo Mark Williams
John Connors Monique Hawthorne Connie McKelvey Kasia Rutledge Mary Williams
Michael Connors Megan Healey Kayci McLeod Sarah Ryan Charles Williamson
Kristy Cook Amelia Heath Cassandra McLeod-Skinner Hon. Thomas Ryan Donald Willis
Megan Cook Natalie Hedman Timothy McMahan Sheree Rybak Bear Wilner-Nugent
James Coon James Hein Hollis McMilan Sharon Rye Anthony Wilson
Paul Cooney Stefan Heller Molly McQueen Peter Sabido Hon. Janice Wilson
Abra Cooper Roger Hennagin Ann McQuesten Jeremy Sacks Joel Wilson
Samantha Copeland Hon. Patrick Henry Hon. Michael McShane Angela Sagalewicz Dawn Winalski
Marisol Cordero-Goodman Tanja Hens Parna Mehrbani Jeffrey Sagalewicz Eric Skip Winters
Charles Corrigan David Hepler Albert Menashe Laura Salerno Owens Percy Wise
Susan Cournoyer Devra Hermosilla Jilma Meneses Lourdes Sanchez Marte Charles Wiseman
Richard Cowan Monica Herranz, Referee Linda Meng Michael Sandoval Hon. John Wittmayer
Craig Cowley Akira Heshiki Nancy Mensch Jill Sasser Larry Wobbrock
Meloney Crawford Helen Hierschbiel Sharnel Mesirow John Sather Heidi Wong
Maya Crawford Peacock Catherine Highet Scott Meyer Neisha Saxena Timothy Wong
Garrett Crawshaw Susan Hiler Beverly Michaelis Gary Scharff Barbara Woodford
Sarah Creem Cashauna Hill Joan-Marie Michelsen Linda Scher Peggy Woodward
Timothy Crippen Jeffrey Hill Emily Mikhaiel David Schlachter Daniel Woram
Carey Critchlow Hon. Jerry Hodson Alia Miles Elizabeth Schleuning Deanna Wray
Sarah Crooks Eryn Hoerster Delaney Miller Teresa Schmid Christopher Wright
Daniel Cross Margaret Hoffmann Lisa Miller Jill Schneider Robin Wright
William Crow Sherilyn Holcombe Waxler Michael Miller Douglas Schoen Theresa Wright
John Culver Theressa Hollis Nancy Miller Michael Schrunk Cheryl Wunder
Tim Cunningham Amber Hollister Peter Miller David Schuman Hon. Merri Wyatt
Alice Cuprill-Comas Stephanie Holmberg Timothy Miller Jeanette Schuster Kyoko Wyse
Shauna Curphey Therese Holmstrom William Miller Elizabeth Schwartz Scott Wyse
Douglas Cushing Shanelle Honda Chin Ming Ali Seals Paul Xochihua
Francie Cushman Philip Hornik Gregory Moawad Anne Senters Xin Xu
Michelle Da Rosa Lewis Horowitz Heidi Moawad Peter Sergienko Masayuki Yamaguchi
Hon. Eric Dahlin Noah Horst Cynthia Mohiuddin Mitra Shahri Benjamin Ybarra
Hon. Kathleen Dailey Jackson Howa Clifton Molatore D Raghav Shanmugasundaram Emily Yip
Todd Daily Christopher Howard Jenna Mooney Ann Sherman Miyuki Yoshida
Molly Danielson James Howe Mavel Morales Hon. Scott Shorr Hon. Youlee You
Inder Datta William Howe Meghan Moran Kathryn Short Alyson Young
Robert Dayton Charles Hudson Chase Morinaka Steven Shropshire James Young
Paige De Muniz Erika Huebschman Mina Morkas Nolan Shutler Raymond Young
Heather Decker Linda Hughes, Referee Keith Mosman Bullie Sibanda Ira Zarov
Lainie Decker Paul Hurd Gregory Mowe Hon. Gregory Silver Devon Zastrow Newman
Megan Decker David Hytowitz Karen Moynahan Daniel Simon Daniel Zimberoff
Josh DeCristo Hon. Karin Immergut Molly Jo Mullen Hon. Michael Simon Linda Ziskin
Dallas DeLuca Sam Imperati Amanda Murphy Shannon Sims Karen Zumwalt