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"To increase the public's understanding of the legal system, to promote civic education, public participation and respect for the law, to improve the quality and administration of the legal system, and to support programs and projects related to the MBF's purpose."

Founded in 2005, the Multnomah Bar Foundation (MBF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 

Support the Multnomah Bar Foundation
Give Back to the Community, Improve Access to Justice, and Support the Courts

Although much of our lives have been in a state of flux over the past several years, one thing that has remained constant is the extraordinary generosity of those in our legal community. Supporting the MBF helps local people with local issues. Your support allows us to continue funding CourtConnect, CourtSupport, and Multnomah CourtCare, and to take on future projects that support the court and benefit the community. 

Donations to the MBF are tax-deductible and donating is easy! Use the "DONATE NOW" button above, send a check, or contact Pamela Hubbs (503.854.5237, 

Multnomah CourtCare improves access to justice by making free, drop-in childcare available for families who
have business at the Central Courthouse.
CourtSupport provides the Central Courthouse with a bilingual Navigator who staffs
the information desk and provides a critical service to the public by answering questions
about the court, connecting individuals with needed services or accommodations at the
courthouse, and making the experience more welcoming and less intimidating.
(See photos, right)
CourtConnect pairs lawyers and judges to visit community groups to share information about the court system and the rule of law, and engage in conversation to build relationships between the community, the bench and the bar. Read Tyler Volm's November 2022 article.

(See photos, lower right, featuring Bonnie Richardson, Richardson Wang LLP, Judge Eric Dahlin and the SOAR citizenship class; and Judge Jodie Bureta, Judge Melvin Oden-Orr and and the SOAR citizenship class)

Thank you, 2022 Campaign Donors
Your support for the MBF general fund gives the board the flexibility to direct funds as needed to fully fund Multnomah CourtCare, CourtSupport, and CourtConnect, and provides seed money to take on future projects that support the court and benefit the community. 

Read about the work of the MBF in the April 2022 Multnomah Lawyer article by MBF President Victoria Blachly and MBF Vice President Joseph Franco.


CHAMPION $2,500+

Buchanan Angeli Altschul & Sullivan LLP
Chenoweth Law Group PC
Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Dunn Carney LLP
Holland & Knight LLP
Keller Rohrback LLP
Miller Nash
Oregon Association of Defense Counsel State PAC
Perkins Coie Foundation

HERO $1,000+

Barran Liebman LLP
Ruth A. Beyer
Scott T. Downing
Foster Garvey PC
S. Ward Greene
Michael E. Haglund
Hart Wagner LLP
J. Randolph Pickett PC
Lane Powell PC   
Thomas A. Larkin
Larkins Vacura Kayser LLP
Richard A. Lee
Lindsay Hart, LLP
Markowitz Herbold
Samuels Yoelin Kantor LLP                                        
Marshal Spector & Gevurtz Menashe                                                                                                                                                                      
Stoll Berne
Wyse Kadish, in memory of Josh Kadish

FRIEND $500+

Amy E. Bilyeu, in memory of Steve Kantor
Judge Anna J. Brown
Joseph L. Franco
Aruna Masih
NAEGELI Deposition & Trial
Richardson Wang LLP
Bob Steringer
Tarlow Naito & Summers, LLP
Thomas Melville PC Gresham Injury Law Center
Troutman Pepper


Judge Cheryl Albrecht, in honor of the Honorable Julie Frantz
David I. Bean, in honor of Pamela Hubbs
Judge Stacie Beckerman, in memory of Gerald Lyell Fatka
Bennett Hartman LLP
Berkshire Ginsberg LLC
Judge Adrian Lee Brown, in memory of children killed in mass gun violence in 2022
Judge Stephen K. Bushong
Larry Cable
Heather Decker, tcb coaching + consulting
Akira Heshiki
Charles Hudson
Elizabeth and Ethan Knight
Mary Louise McClintock and the Honorable Thomas A. Balmer
Judge Heidi H. Moawad
Jack Orchard
Judge David F. Rees
Matthew O. Ryan
Michael R. Silvey
Judge Susan M. Svetkey
Judge Katherine Tennyson, Ret.
Keith E. Tichenor
Judge Nan Waller
Jovita Wang

DONOR up to $249

Judge Beth A. Allen
Amelia Andersen
Cyreena Boston Ashby
Kenneth Lee Baker
Debbie Best
Judge Henry C. Breithaupt
Butcher & Smith Law
Robert R. Calo
Harry R. Carson
Patricia L. Chor
Judge Eric L. Dahlin
Ian Kenneth Davis
Judge Maurisa R. Gates, In Honor of Children Everywhere
Judge Michael A. Greenlick
Mary Lou Haas
Judge Amy Holmes Hehn
Judge Jerry B. Hodson 
Jane and David Hytowitz 
Anit K. Jindal
Lisa M. Kenn
Tony Kullen
Judge Andrew M. Lavin
Judge Morgan Wren Long
Judge Angela Franco Lucero
Maloney Lauersdorf Reiner PC
Judge Robert T. Manicke
Judge Judith H. Matarazzo
Bradley Middleton
Janice R. Morgan
Rhidian Morgan
Katherine O'Neil
Judge Melvin Oden-Orr
Marcia Ohlemiller, Attorney at Law
Suzanne C. Pickgrobe
Pitzer Law
Judge Jenna R. Plank
Michael K. Porter
Kathryn S. Root
Sarah-Ray Rundle
Judge Thomas M. Ryan
William Savage
Schmidt & Yee, P.C.
Judge Benjamin N. Souede
Lee Ogden Tyler
John Bautista Vallejos
Julie A. Weis

Thank you for your support of the Multnomah Bar Foundation!

Thank you, 2021 Year-End Donors, for your support. 

We are grateful to the legal and broader community for their generous year-end support for the Multnomah Bar Foundation and its work. We appreciate all of our supporters who make it possible for the MBF to staff the information desk at the Central Courthouse with a CourtSupport Navigator, provide free drop-in childcare to parents with business in the courthouse through Multnomah CourtCare, broaden our civic education outreach to the community with CourtConnect presentations, and explore future projects that will support the court and benefit the community. 

A special note of thanks to the OCF Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation for awarding the MBF a $16,000 grant to benefit Multnomah CourtCare.

Contributions of $1,000 or more
Larger Firms, Foundations and Organizations

OCF Joseph E. Weston Public Foundation
Queen's Bench
Rizzo Mattingly Bosworth PC


Pauline Goldstein, in memory of Gersham Goldstein

Contributions of $150 or more
Solo and Small Firms

Gazzola & Warren PC
Tennyson Resolutions
Zarosinski Hartwig P.C.


Peter H. Glade
Aruna A. Masih
Referee Mark A. Peterson
Judge Steven R. Powers
Charles and Nancy Tauman
Terence L. Thatcher
Judge Janice R. Wilson


Thank you for supporting the court and the community with your tax-deductible, charitable donation.

This is the first year that the MBF combined its fundraising efforts into a single campaign to benefit the MBF general fund, which gives the board the flexibility to direct support where it is most needed and provide for the development of future projects. Read MBF President Mackenzie Hogan’s May 2021 Multnomah Lawyer article

Donors who gave $150 or more are acknowledged below. 

Special thanks to Judge John Acosta and the US District Court for the District of Oregon Attorney Admission Fund for a $50,000 donation to benefit CourtCare.


Davis Wright Tremaine LLP
Dunn Carney LLP
Eaton Family Law
Farleigh Wada Witt
Foster Garvey PC
Harrang Long Gary Rudnick P.C.
Harris & Bowker LLP
Lane Powell PC
Larkins Vacura Kayser LLP
Markowitz Herbold PC
McEwen Gisvold LLP
Miller Nash LLP
Richardson Wright LLP
Samuels Yoelin Kantor LLP
Stoll Berne
Sussman Shank LLP
U.S. District Court’s Attorney Admission Fund


Vangelisti Mediation
Wyse Kadish LLP


Larry K. Amburgey
Judge Adrian Lee Brown, in the name of Gianna Floyd
S. Ward Greene
Edwin A. Harnden
Abby Wool Landon
Susan Marmaduke
Steve Naito
Joe Piucci
Sarah Ryan
Marshal Spector, in honor of the Multnomah County Judges and Courthouse staff
Jennifer Wagner


Judge Cheryl Albrecht, CourtSupport donation in the name of the Honorable Julie Frantz, and CourtCare donation in the name of the Honorable Katherine Tennyson
Judge Steffan Alexander
Amy and Patrick Angel
Kenneth Antell
Nellie Barnard
David Bean, in honor of Mackenzie Hogan
Victoria Blachly
Judge Leslie Bottomly
Judge Henry C. Breithaupt
Judge Anna J. Brown
Presiding Judge Stephen Bushong
Larry Cable
Ben Cox
I. Kenneth Davis
Heather Decker
Joseph Franco
Charles Gazzola
Peter H. Glade
Judge Michael Greenlick
Mary Lou Haas
Frank Hammond
Anit Jindal
Elizabeth and Ethan Knight
Brad and Vivian Krupicka
Thomas Larkin
Judge Angel Lopez
David Ludwig
Jeffrey A. Martin
Aruna A. Masih
Mary Louise McClintock and Justice Thomas Balmer
Judge Heidi Moawad
Shawn Morgan
Jay Nusbaum
Katherine H. O'Neil
Jack Orchard
Stephen D. Osborne
John Ostrander
Referee Mark A. Peterson
Joseph Piucci
Kimberly Quach
Judge David Rees
John Robb
Janet Schroer 
Margot Seitz
Penny Serrurier
Robert A. Shlachter
Diane S. Sykes
Terence Thatcher
Evans Van Buren
Judge Kathyrn Villa-Smith
Mark Wada
Judge Nan Waller
Jovita Wang
Julie Weis
Michael A. Yates


Your tax-deductible charitable donation will help the MBF fulfill its mission through its CourtConnect, CourtSupport and Multnomah CourtCare programs, and will help fund future projects that support the court and benefit the community. To donate, use the "DONATE NOW" button at the top of the page, send a check to the Multnomah Bar Foundation, 620 SW Fifth Avenue, Suite 1220, Portland, OR 97204 or contact Pamela Hubbs (503.854.5237,

Future projects the MBF is exploring include the possibility of expanding the CourtCare program to the juvenile detention facility, assisting self-represented litigants, and supporting the Legal Resource Center in the Central Courthouse. 

CourtSupport, launched in 2020, increases access to justice by assisting community members navigating Multnomah County courts and helping connect them to services offered by the court. Our bilingual CourtSupport Navigator (pictured above, left) staffs the information desk in the courthouse to answer basic questions, help people find the courtroom or office they need, and connect them to resources about court services.

CourtConnect, developed in 2018, promotes civic education and understanding of the law by pairing judges and attorneys to visit community and youth groups to speak about the judiciary and the rule of law.

Multnomah CourtCare has served more than 18,000 children and their families by providing free drop-in childcare to families who have business in the courthouse. Our longest-running program, CourtCare has been in operation since 2001 and is ready to open its doors in the new Central Courthouse when drop-in childcare resumes. 

Questions? Contact Pamela Hubbs (503.854.5237,