"To increase the public's understanding of the legal system, to promote civic education, public participation and respect for the law, to improve the quality and administration of the legal system, and to support programs and projects related to the MBF's purpose."

Promoting Civic Education and Community Understanding of the Legal System

Founded in 2005, the Multnomah Bar Foundation (MBF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The Multnomah Bar Foundation (MBF) has three dedicated programs: 1) Multnomah CourtCare provides free drop-in childcare in the Central Courthouse, 2) CourtConnect pairs judges and lawyers to visit community and youth groups to teach people about the justice system, and 3) CourtSupport assists the public with its access to the services offered by the Central Courthouse.

From 2006-18, the MBF awarded more than $460,000 in civic education grants to local nonprofits' civic education and engagement programs to increase the public's understanding of the justice system and the importance of an independent judiciary, and to help people learn how to be informed voters and civically engaged.

For more information about the MBF, contact Pamela Hubbs (503.222.3275).