"To increase the public's understanding of the legal system, to promote civic education, public participation and respect for the law, to improve the quality and administration of the legal system, and to support programs and projects related to the MBF's purpose."

Promoting Civic Education, Civic Engagement and Community Understanding of the Legal System

Founded in 2005, the Multnomah Bar Foundation (MBF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. 


Please Support the Court and the Community with a Tax-Deductible, Charitable Donation

Through the many challenges of the past year, the Multnomah Bar Foundation has remained active and productive, and the support from the legal community has been strong. As we begin to come out of the pandemic, the MBF has three successful programs to sustain, Multnomah CourtCareCourtConnect, and CourtSupportand plans for future program development and expansion. Read MBF President Mackenzie Hogan’s recent Multnomah Lawyer article

Help us raise $110,000 and make a difference in the courts and in the community. Your support for the MBF general fund will allow the board to direct funds where most needed, to fund CourtCare operations and the CourtSupport Navigator, and to take on future projects that support the court and benefit the community.

Donations of $150 and $500, received by May 31, will receive special recognition. We’ll award firm trophies to the firm that raises the most money, and to the firm that raises the most per capita. Donating is easy! Use the "donate now" button at the top of the page to make an online donation, or complete the donation form, or contact Pamela Hubbs (pamela@mbabar.org, 503.854.5237). If you have questions or would like more information, please reach out to us.


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CourtSupport, launched in 2020, increases access to justice by assisting community members navigating Multnomah County courts and helping connect them to services offered by the court. Our bilingual CourtSupport Navigator (pictured above, left) staffs the information desk in the courthouse to answer basic questions, help people find the courtroom or office they need, and connect them to resources about court services.

CourtConnect, developed in 2018, pairs lawyers and judges to visit citizenship classes, and community and youth groups to offer a civic education presentation on the justice system, and help people understand the rule of law. The top photo features Judge Eric Dahlin with lawyer Bonnie Richardson (center right, and second from left, respectively) making a CourtConnect presentation to a citizenship class in 2019.

Multnomah CourtCare has served more than 18,000 children and their families by providing free drop-in childcare to families who have business in the courthouse. Our longest-running program, CourtCare has been in operation since 2001 and is ready to open its doors in the new Central Courthouse when drop-in childcare resumes. 

Future projects the MBF is exploring include the possibility of expanding the CourtCare program to the juvenile detention facility and assisting self-represented litigants, while also supporting the new Legal Resource Center in the downtown courthouse.

Questions? Contact Pamela Hubbs (503.854.5237, pamela@mbabar.org).