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The Power of Presentation - Best Practices, Winning Techniques and Industry-Leading Tools

Date: Wednesday, May 29th 2013
Time: 12-1 p.m.
Location: World Trade Center Plaza Room, Building 2, 26 SW Salmon, Portland

Credit Type(s): General Credit

Co-sponsored by LexisNexis Sanction

This one-hour seminar is intended to provide practical and useful suggestions to practicing litigators about technology tools for the courtroom. Mike Hahn is Senior Director Product Management for LexisNexis Sanction. He has provided consulting services for such landmark matters as United States v. Timothy McVeigh , the Washington DC Sniper Task Force and United States v. Hirko (Enron Broadband Trial). In addition to consulting, Mike is a frequent speaker at industry trade shows and Continuing Legal Education events. 
This one-hour seminar will address a number of trial presentation topics including:

Connecting The Dots
Recognizing how people process data and tailoring evidence display to achieve maximum information retention.

Past and Present Technology
A brief overview of traditional courtroom presentation techniques, addressing their strengths and weaknesses and an analysis of new tools including trial presentation software, timeline software, and 3-D animation.

Contingency Plans
How to be prepared for the unexpected. A review of important backup measures to keep technology running smoothly throughout trial.

PowerPoint in Opening Statement and Closing Argument
Sample slides to illustrate thematic techniques that can be used to effectively communicate information.

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