Preparing Clients for Depositions

As the saying goes, cases are won or lost in deposition. A client's poor performance in a deposition can destroy your case, while an excellent one can devastate your opponent's. The stakes are usually high, and even the most accomplished executive can feel anxiety when being deposed.


Jeff Pitzer of Pitzer Law and Laura Salerno Owens of Markowitz Herbold PC, will discuss simple, tactical approaches to preparing your client for deposition. These include:


         Structuring pre-deposition meetings with your client

         Explaining the deposition process

         Explaining the goals of the deposition

         Instructing your client on how to be a great witness

         Training your client to understand the meaning of your objections

         Preparing your client for a video deposition


For more information: Call Kevin Sali, Kevin Sali LLC at 503.329.3598. For registration questions, call the MBA at 503.222.3275.

Date & Time
Thursday, February 19, 2015, 3-5pm
World Trade Center Mezzanine Room, Building 2, 26
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