Racism in Oregon History - The Two-Hour Version

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At last year’s presentation, many attendees wished the excellent presentation was twice as long since there is so much to cover. Eliza Canty-Jones from the Oregon Historical Society is back this time with her friend Mari Watanabe, former executive director of Partners in Diversity, a very successful nonprofit helping 400 Oregon and Washington employers diversify their companies.

In 2019, the Oregon Historical Society (OHS) published a special issue of its 120-year-old journal, the Oregon Historical Quarterly (OHQ), on the subject of “White Supremacy & Resistance.” In 2021, OHS published another important issue on Chinese Diaspora in Oregon. Together these issues offer an in-depth view of the ways Oregon history has been shaped by White supremacist ideology and policies - and resistance to those frameworks - for almost two centuries. The special issues join many other OHS projects that engage Oregonians in the complex and diverse history of our state.

Understanding how both racism and justice are at the heart of Oregon’s history are crucial to our ability to build a better future. In this presentation, OHQ Editor Eliza Canty-Jones offers an overview of the importance of these subjects and invites attendees to access OHS resources for more learning. For additional resources, see this OHS blog post: https://ohs.org/blog/history-is-who-we-are-and-why-we-are-the-way-we-are.cfm. Mari Watanabe has been a frequent lecturer on the treatment of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in Oregon History and has received many awards for her advocacy on their behalf. Together Eliza and Mari make an unbeatable team and will keep you spell bound as you learn what it was like to be a minority in a state that for a long time tried to exclude them.

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