Snooping, Digging, and Following People Around: Effectively Using Private Investigators to Gather Information

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Private investigation can be a valuable tool for attorneys before and during litigation. Locating hard-to-find individuals, interviewing witnesses, gathering records, and tracking assets are all tasks commonly assigned to P.I.s. However, news coverage of P.I.s gone wrong and movie stereotypes continue to make the work of investigators murky and mysterious. Attorneys may not understand exactly what an investigator can do and what they cannot (and might be surprised by both). Oregon licensed private investigators Steve Wilson, Portland Investigators, Lloyd Rash, Foremost Investigations, Helena Snyder, Pettus Investigations, and James Comstock, InsightLI, will discuss the use of private investigators by attorneys, explaining the benefits and dangers, and detailing what kind of information is legally available using the techniques of skiptracing, interviewing, public records searches, and surveillance. They will cover the laws and ethics that govern P.I.s, hiring and effective communication, and provide examples and anecdotes of ways investigators have helped attorneys find the information they need to win a case. 
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Date & Time
Thursday, June 25, 2020, 3:00pm-5:00pm
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